T5 Elevating roof conversion

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Jim Cummings
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T5 Elevating roof conversion

Post by Jim Cummings »

Hi Guys, I am a british guy living in Norway. I am looking for some help. I am considering having a elevating roof put on my T5 transporter. I have looked and cant find anyone in Norway that does this sort of work. There is lots of places in the UK, and I see there is several manufacturers that offer TUV approved roofs. However in speaking with the friendly guys at the Vegvessen, they suggest it will not simply get approved having a TUV approved roof added to the vehicle. They are suggesting only an approved workshop in Norway can do this work. If it is to be carried out in another country the vehicle will need to be registered in that country have the vehicle approval changed and then reregistered in this country, which sounds completely crazy!! Does anyone have any advice about this? Thanks for your help. Regards Jim
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Re: T5 Elevating roof conversion

Post by silenhag »

Welcome to Norway :)

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Re: T5 Elevating roof conversion

Post by haffij »

Hi. I dont know the rules about this here in Norway but I quess that these guys could to the conversion. At least they can probably answer some of your questions.

http://www.handicare.no/produkter//auto ... 47/c-18287

Good luck with the project.
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Re: T5 Elevating roof conversion

Post by B-V »

Hi. This should not be a big problem. Find the roof you want to use, then get all the documents that can be found for this. Send it to vegvesenet before you start the build. If you get approve in advance, take it to England to get it mounted. Photos through the build is smart to show vegvesen so they can se that it is proper done. Show the car here in norway, and its good to go! (I hope..[emoji16])

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Re: T5 Elevating roof conversion

Post by Buss Marius »

And if you are building a camper interior, build it on the right side of the car, and in Norway that is on the left side. In the UK they are used to camper interiors on the wrong side, in the rest of Europe we would newer have that, so you would not be able to sell it at a reasonable price.
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