Load index for alloy wheels?
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Forfatter:  Vctr [ 20 Des 2018, 21:45 ]
Innleggets emne:  Load index for alloy wheels?

Hi, I'm wondering if it is necessary to buy alloy wheels for T4 with same LI as tires (minimum 99), or that LI in vognkart only for tires?

Because I tried to find rims for my T4 (2003, 2.5TDI Syncro, 3 seats) and it's just impossible. Tried Skruvat.no and Byttdekk.no, and there they offer me some bullshit with wrong nav and wrong ET (et 45, nav 76, when mine is minimum et is 46 and nav 57.1)
Also there are no alloy wheels with et 46 (as in my vognkart). Is it really necessary?

Maybe anyone knows where I can find the right rims for my T4?

Forfatter:  Indian [ 20 Des 2018, 22:14 ]
Innleggets emne:  Re: Load index for alloy wheels?

I have the Arcasting alloys with the correct load index.


Forfatter:  Vctr [ 22 Des 2018, 06:39 ]
Innleggets emne:  Re: Load index for alloy wheels?

Also there is zero info about load index for wheels on Norwegian online shops. Does they really check it at EU control?

Forfatter:  Rudeboy [ 22 Des 2018, 10:12 ]
Innleggets emne:  Re: Load index for alloy wheels?

Sometimes they do, but wheel shops are there to sell wheels and not to handle over any useful information about their wheels...

In other words - find a dealer who bother to come up with the nessesary info, and make your purchase there.

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